Cosmetic Tattoo Fundamentals Course

Do you want career direction or perhaps a Career change? Learn the art of Cosmetic Tattooing, open your own business and earn a six figure salary!

Come and learn from the best at our amazing Academy, located in Salisbury, Brisbane! Michelle, our qualified lead artist, will teach you the fundamentals of the Powdery Ombre Brow technique (Latest and most popular technique! Microblading is outdated and damaging!), the Full Lip Blush & Candy Lips technique as well as the standard Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Technique, face to face. The style you will learn is based on Asian and Russian permanent makeup process and procedure. You will learn the best techniques, along with how to be accurate and precise, with secrets for success that only High Brow Beauty and Brow Academy can share.

You will also learn everything you need to know about how to set up your business, so you can hit the ground running, including detailed guidelines on the legalities surrounding delivering a skin penetration service, council and licensing requirements, skin infection control guidelines, equipment and disposable items required, skin and pigment theory, as well as safe and hygienic procedure from start to finish. 

Feel the difference

Cosmetic Tattoo Fundamentals Course


($1200 deposit required, unless fully financed - non refundable)

Skill Set

Cosmetic Tattoo fundamental techniques for:

  • Powdery Ombre Brows (Latest and most popular technique! Microblading is outdated and damaging!)

  • Nano Hairstrokes (optional*)

  • Full Lip Blush

  • Candy Lips

  • Eyeliner


HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments Statement of Attainment. Study online with us (RTO Academy of Cosmetic Tattoo Australia, No 45265):

  • follow this link to enrol  – cost is $350

Practical sessions (your Studio audit and the filming of your practical assessment can be completed at High Brow Beauty and Brow Academy – email to book). 

Course Length and Location

6 days, 9am – 6pm (108a Henson Road, Salisbury, Brisbane)

Plus, option to attend 1-2 days training to learn the Hairstroke technique (additional cost)

Study Mode

Pre reading, then face-to-face training for 6 days, onsite at High Brow Beauty and Brow Academy.

Up to 4 students with 1 Master Trainer and Assistant Trainer.


  • Certificate of Completion in Cosmetic Tattooing, issued by High Brow Beauty and Brow Academy

  • Access to High Brow Beauty and Brow Academy’s private Facebook group for ongoing support and advice

  • Confidence working with real models (dermal theory, pigment colour selection, machine techniques and methods to suit skin types, consultation method)

  • Business set up and marketing advice

  • Cosmetic Tattoo Full Start-Up Kit (to include enough for 5-10 procedures), including Tattoo machine

  • Comprehensive Manual for future reference (your Cosmetic Tattoo Bible!)

  • all the skills necessary to commence your Cosmetic Tattoo career within 1 month of training completion (we can not guarantee this, but if you have the drive, you can make it happen!)


7-8 models (student to supply or our Academy can assist) – models will pay $99 to the Academy for their chosen cosmetic tattoo and then the model becomes your client for their touch up 3-12 weeks’ after their tattoo session.

Potential Earnings

If you undertake four cosmetic tattoos per week, you can earn (prior to tax) between $1000-$2000 per week depending upon what you charge. 

Course Topics

  • Legislative and insurance requirements

  • Council and licensing requirements

  • Skin infection control and hygiene process and procedure

  • Health and Safety practice

  • Equipment requirements

  • Cosmetic Tattoo theory

  • Dermal theory

  • Colour theory (skin assessment, pigment selection and corrections)

  • Face, brow, lip and eye shapes

  • Brow, Lip and Eyeliner mapping

  • Fundamentals of Cosmetic Tattooing – hand positioning, stretching, depth

  • Powdery Ombre Brow (and option to learn Nano Hairstrokes) technique

  • Full Lip Blush and Candy Lip techniques (including lip line and blend)

  • Eyeliner technique

  • Client consultation process

  • Interpreting client needs

  • Maintaining client records

  • Photography (and lighting) tips and skills

  • Social Media and marketing tips and tricks

  • Business set-up advice

  • Sample Client Confidentiality and Consent Forms

  • Client advice (pre-care and after-care)

  • Ongoing support (including the option to come back for a day and shadow Michelle)

  • Plus much more!

Payment Options

A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the course booking, with the balance owing by 3 days prior to course commencement. The balance can be paid outright. Alternatively, finance can be arranged to confirm the booking.

2, 6, 9, 12 or 24 month options for finance – choose the best option for your circumstances!


Zeefi Finance (maximum $6500 financed, no deposit) = under $260 per fortnight over 12 months

Payright Finance (maximum $4500 financed, $2000 deposit) = under $180 per fortnight over 12 months.

Upcoming Course Dates

14 – 19 April 2023

12 – 17 May 2023

9 – 14 June 2023

Email for further date options.