Frequently Asked Questions

We want you, your skin and your body to be in their best state in preparation for your appointment. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your cosmetic tattoo experience and your cosmetic tattoo/s is the best it can be.

  • It is recommended to eat something before your appointment to make sure your blood sugar levels stay stable during the procedure.
  • Please do not wear any makeup (at least on and around the area to be tattooed).
  • Please do not work out the day of the procedure, as the body heat will expand the pores.
  • Avoid exposure to heavy sunlight for a couple of weeks leading up to the procedure – heavy exposure can make the skin more sensitive.
  • Do not drink coffee, or anything with caffeine in it, on the day of your procedure – this can increase the likeliness of you bleeding during the procedure, which can negatively impact your pigment retention.
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E and/or Ibuprofen, Omega-3, unless medically necessary, 48-72 hours prior to the procedure (Tylenol or acetaminophen is okay).  These supplements thin your blood, and increase the likeliness of bleeding during the procedure.
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the procedure – this is a blood thinner also.
  • Ensure you have had no Botox treatments for at least 3 weeks prior to your PMU procedure. Please schedule accordingly to avoid complications. When considering Botox, it is best to have your tattooing done first.
  • If you have been taking acne medications such as Accutane or Retin-A within the last year you have an altered skin condition that will not heal well after the procedure. It’s very important that you wait a year before tattooing the skin. Retinol and Vitamin A are very similar and should be discontinued to use a month prior to the procedure.
  • Ensure you have had no Waxing or Tinting 3 days before the procedure.
  • You may like to take an antihistamine tablet before your procedure to reduce watery eyes (for eyeliner and lips) and/or swelling.
  • Remove any eyelash extensions at least 3 days prior to the procedure (for eyeliner).
  • Eyelash growth serums bring extra circulation to the area, which results in more growth of hair/lashes. This can cause the skin in that area to be hypersensitive and bleed easily. It is recommended to discontinue the use of these products at least 3-6 months before your treatment.
  • Contact lenses need to be removed and should not be replaced for a minimum of two hours after the procedure. It is advised to bring a pair of glasses for the drive home or arrange transport.
  • If you have suffered from cold sores (Herpes virus – Herpes simplex) you may experience symptoms of the infection after the treatment to the lips. Anti-herpes medication is available over the counter or on prescription and has been shown to prevent or minimise such outbreaks if taken 5-7 days prior to your treatment. Double doses of Lysine can also help, if used for 2 weeks or more prior to procedure (lips).

High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio requires clients to order their numbing cream prior to treatment, as per regulation. Please follow the link below, use the password supplied to login, and complete the details form asap.

The compounding pharmacy will contact you via phone for confirmation and to arrange payment ($39.90). Your numbing cream will then be sent direct to our studio ready for your procedure!

Please ensure you have completed your order by 10 days prior to your procedure (to allow for postage time). Please order within two weeks of appointment date, as expiry is 3 months.

We will hold your numbing cream on site for your first session as well as your touch up session/s.

Topical anaesthetic patient care checklist link:

Password to Enter:

  • enter personal details
  • state place of procedure - High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio
  • provide the address of Studio - Salisbury, (record suburb only)
  • state date of procedure/s and which procedure/s you are having done.

Unfortunately there are certain conditions that hinder the micropigmentation process and in some cases clients may be required to pre medicate or obtain medical clearance prior to undergoing a procedure:

  • pregnant and nursing women cannot have any micropigmentation procedures at any time until they are done nursing;
  • clients must be over the age of 18;
  • clients must not have had accutane treatments within the past 12 months prior to the procedure;
  • those prone to keloids or post-inflammatory hypopigmentation
  • clients who have a transmittable blood disease such as HIV or Hepatitis - Cosmetic artists penetrate the skin so it is our policy not to work on clients with these conditions;
  • ​patients undergoing chemotherapy - although cosmetic tattooing is great for restoring eyebrows, adding liner or lip blush, we would require a doctor’s letter in order to perform these procedures.  Clients often schedule preventative Cosmetic Tattoo procedures in advance of starting chemotherapy, to ensure that they're prepared even if they do lose their brows/hair while regaining their health;
  • clients on blood thinning medication (including aspirin) - note, we can perform your treatment with medical clearance or if you are able to stop taking your blood thinning medication at least three days prior to procedure;
  • clients who have Cold sores/Herpes/Shingles can not have a Lip Blush Tattoo until healed 

The following items may not be a concern in receiving a cosmetic tattoo, however, in some instances, they might be. If you identify with anything on the list below, please notify your Cosmetic Tattooist immediately:

  • ​patients with Auto-Immune Disorders (Diabetes, Lupus, Celiac's Disease etc) - we require a doctor’s letter in order to perform any Cosmetic procedure for anyone with Auto-Immune disorders, as the compromised immune system can impact your ability to heal properly from the procedure;
  • any kind of skin condition on or near the treatable area - this includes eczema, shingles, rashes, acne, sunburn, eczema, or anything else near the treatable area;

  • clients with blood clotting problems;

  • clients exhibiting signs of heart palpitations/problem;

  • clients with high blood pressure;

  • clients who take Fish Oil or Krill Oil;

  • clients with liver disease;

  • clients with haemophilia;

  • clients with certain allergies;

  • clients who permanently need to wear contact lenses and/or have an eye disorder/problems (such as Glaucoma) - this is a contraindication for eyeliner tattoos;

  • clients who have and are using lash enhancement serums;

  • clients who have had collagen injections/fillers/Botox recently leading up to their tattoo (it is always the preference for the tattoo procedure to be performed first;

  • clients who are prone to Epilepsy and/or seizures;

  • clients who have had facial surgery leading up to their tattoo;

  • clients who are using Retin A medication and/or topical medication; and/or

  • ​clients who have received a deep tan, laser or chemical peel leading up to their tattoo.

Micropigmentation whether utilised for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes is a specialised version of tattooing. The implantation techniques deposit coloured pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis. In addition to the difference in techniques, the needles and pigments used for micropigmentation are specific for cosmetic use. When properly applied by an experienced technician, micropigmentation results are subtle and natural in appearance. Cosmetic micropigmentation is the application of permanent makeup (PMU), also known as cosmetic tattooing, where as reconstructive micropigmentation entails but is not limited to camouflaging skin conditions such as scars, burns and the re-pigmentation of areolas post mastectomies.

Yes, it is permanent however subject to fading over time. The degree of permanency varies from client to client because of the uniqueness of each individual’s lifestyle. Factors affecting colour retention include, but are not limited to, degree of sun exposure, UV rays (tanning beds), medical conditions, hormones, skin care products and regimens. Longevity can range from 12 months to several years. However, dependent on the procedure or desired look, clients may choose to have additional touch ups 12 to 18 months later for a fresh new look. Please refer to the Services section for High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio's service options for Ombre Refresher and Maintenance Treatments for Eyeliner and Lips. 

Yes, the procedures are safe, but due diligence on the client’s part is necessary when choosing the right technician. Thorough research of a technician training, experience, portfolio and compliance with state and local laws are necessary to provide safe and beautiful results. Technicians at High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio are government certified and accredited to maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments, fulfilling the training requirements of the law.

All operating High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio technicians hold the government accredited  infection control competency standard – HLTINF005 - Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments, which  is a requirement for all persons performing skin penetration treatments under the above legislation.

The degree of discomfort is client specific and cannot be foreseen with accuracy. However, generally eyebrows produce the least amount of discomfort and can sometimes be painless. Eyeliner can produce more anxiety rather than pain due to the location and lips can be the most uncomfortable. Topical anesthetics are used for the procedures to help minimise discomfort.

High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio & Academy services and training offerings are bound by the Public Health Direction.
Both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons may enter our premises, although the following requirements apply:
✔️ clients must use the Check-in Qld App on arrival (for all persons, but vaccination status does not need to be verified)
✔️ we will have a limit of 1 person per 2 square meters indoors - please come alone to your appointment (if two people are present, one must wait outside the studio)
✔️ observe physical distancing of 1.5m to the extent possible
✔️ wear a face mask
✔️ sanitise your hands or wash your hands on arrival
✔️ do not enter our premises if in the previous 14 days you have: returned to Australia from overseas (other than a safe travel zone country); been in close contact with an active COVID-19 case; been in a Queensland declared COVID-19 hotspot, place of concern or exposure venue, as defined by the Chief Health Officer; had a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, distorted sense of taste, shortness of breath, chills, vomiting or any cold/flu like symptoms in the 72 hours prior to your appointment.
We kindly ask that you advise us immediately if you are feeling unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms and we will reschedule your appointment.

If you fit into one of the following categories, Cosmetic Tattoo may just be the solution for you:

  • people who don't want to spend time applying their make-up daily,

  • those who have uneven eyebrow hair and shape,

  • those suffering from alopecia and hair loss from medical treatment,

  • those who suffer from bad eyesight and have trouble applying make-up daily.

But it is important to know the details, and the contraindications for cosmetic tattoo procedures!


Cosmetic Tattoos will give amazing results for someone who ultimately wants beautiful, natural looking brows, perfect eyeliner and/or gorgeous defined lips. Cosmetic Tattoos will suit someone who has dry to normal skin. For some treatments, like microblading, oily skin types may not hold the pigment as well as dry to normal skin types. Powder-filled brows are more suited to oily skin types, with much greater success for pigment retention.​ If you regularly fill your own brows with brow pencil/brow powder, and like a very defined look, powdered brows, or combo brows could be the perfect solution for you. 

If you have previously, permanently tattooed eyebrows, Powder-filled brows will successfully conceal previous Cosmetic Tattoo work.


Eyeliner tattoos are perfect for those who find it time consuming to apply make-up every morning, for the active lady or anyone who wants a natural enhancement to their eyes – tattoos makes it hassle-free!  Eyeliner tattoos are semi-permanent cosmetic makeup using pigment on the eye line of the lashes. This aesthetic procedure aims to enhance the outlining of the eyes to make it look darker and more prominent.

Thin eyeliners are particularly recommended for hooded eye shapes that have very little visible space on the upper eyelids. This precise, fine line will enhance the natural eye shape and, if necessary, the addition of a slight ‘wing’ or ‘tail extension’ will help to elongate the eyes. A fine eyeliner is a ‘classic’ and a good choice for most eye shapes. 

For the lash line enhancement technique, hypoallergenic, permanent makeup pigments are delicately placed within the lash line only to create an extremely subtle and natural looking effect. This technique creates the appearance of more lashes and is best suited to women who prefer to wear very little makeup. It’s a 'barely-there' approach for natural beauties. Please note- if you have been using lash enhancement serum, please stop using and refrain from booking for at least 2 months. These serums can cause poor results and excessive bruising when tattooing.


We all want to have gorgeous, youthful and healthy-looking lips. As we age, our lips tend to lose their natural colour and fullness as well as the defined border they one had. Cosmetic lip tattoos helps ladies to create more definition, fullness and colour. Furthermore, most of us have blue tones in our lips, which can also be corrected with lip tattooing.

Having a full lip colour tattoo is perfect for you if you wish to enhance the shape and fullness of your mouth. It’s also useful for correcting asymmetries. You may wish to try this procedure if you’re older and have lost lip definition, colour or shape. A liner tattoo also helps prevent your lipstick from bleeding as well as minimising the appearance of wrinkles. You can either choose a softly lined look or go for a more defined shade for a lip-liner effect.

Semi-permanent lip tattoos last longer, but they can be more expensive than lip plumper or fillers. However, lip tattoos are less invasive on the skin, and they heal faster than lip-fillers too.

If you love to look glamorous 24/7, then lip tattooing might be the thing for you!

Information regarding the differences between the range of Cosmetic Services on offer can be found on our Services page.

The length of time you will be able to go before your touch-up appointment will vary depending on the type of procedure you have done, your skin type, adherence to aftercare/ongoing skin care instructions, medications etc (typically between 3-12 weeks from initial treatment).  For brows, it is important to schedule your touch-up or Refresher Treatment before 50% of your colour has faded (Powdered or Solid Ombre); otherwise a new Initial Appointment will need to be scheduled to allow time for the complete re-design process.

Typically the length clients can go before a Refresher Treatments or Maintenance Touch-up Treatment is required is as follows:

  • Ombre Brows: 1-2 Years

  • Full Lip Blush or Candy Lips: 6 - 12 Months

  • Eyeliner: 6 - 12 Months 

Ultimately, we want your cosmetic tattoo to remain life-proof and fuss-free, so please schedule a a refresher appointment or maintenance touch-up when you notice you're just not quite as in-love with your cosmetic tattoo as you once were, before you feel that urge to pull out the old brow pencil, eye liner pencil or lipstick!

Yes a touch-up is necessary as the full procedure is not complete until the touch-up session (second application). During the initial procedure (first application), the tattooed area(s) will be saturated with as much colour as possible.  Due to swelling there may be some areas where the tissue will no longer allow pigment to be implanted.  Those areas will show less colour after healing and may need another visit to be filled-in (a touch-up). First, the tattooed area must heal before a refinement procedure can be performed.  It is best to wait 3 to 12 weeks for complete tissue healing and colour stabilisation.  Once the desired results are achieved, the client can keep the colour looking fresh with a maintenance visit every 1-2 years.

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