Meet our Team

Owner, Lead Artist & Lead Trainer


Michelle, our Lead Artist, is a certified and experienced cosmetic tattoo artist, ensuring that she holds the most up to date qualifications for the industry, including:

  • SHB50321 – Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing;
  • SHBBSKS003 – Design and provide cosmetic tattooing;
  • HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments;
  • SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards; and
  • Certificate of Completion in Cosmetic Tattooing, specialising in Powder Ombre Brows, Full Lip Blush, Candy Lips and Eyeliner techniques.

With the skill of fine attention to detail and a desire to help others, Michelle become an artist, learning from some of the best around the world. Her style and technique is Russian influenced, which focusses on creating the most natural, safe and long-lasting permanent makeup. Committed to continuous learning and up-skilling, Michelle has also completed master training in multiple cosmetic tattoo areas. Her international training includes:

  • Nano Realism Masterclass (Maya Moore – Berkeley, California);
  • Nano Brows (Mini Na aka Mini Brow – Markham, Toronto);
  • Sleek Eyeliner Masterclass (Mini Na aka Mini Brow – Markham, Toronto);
  • Lavish Nano Brows Advanced Course (Maya Moore – Berkeley, California);
  • Natural Lips Masterclass (Tess Marti – Vancouver, Canada);
  • Dark Lip Neutralization Advanced Course (Tess Marti – Vancouver, Canada); and
  • Beyond The Epidermis™: The Ultimate Color Theory Course (Teryn Darling – Las Vegas).

Michelle’s specialisation is a natural look, always personalised and tailored to each client.  Each person is unique, and each need is different. Her goal is simple: to help people feel better and more confident about themselves – when you are happy, she is happy.

Michelle is also a qualified Secondary Education Teacher (holding a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts), with 24 years’ experience in teaching. To aid in her training knowledge, Michelle holds a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. With her above qualifications and her time in the cosmetic tattoo and beauty industry, Michelle confidently runs the High Brow Beauty and Brow Academy.


Senior Artist & Assistant Trainer


Erica is one of our senior artists and rest assured, you are in extremely qualified hands. She has had vigorous fundamental and advanced training learning the different techniques of Ombre Powdered Brows, Full Lip Blush, Candy Lips and Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments.

Erica’s accredited training includes:

  • SHBBSKS003 – Design and provide cosmetic tattooing
  • HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments
  • SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards
  • Certificate of Completion in Cosmetic Tattooing, specialising in Powder Ombre Brows, Full Lip Blush, Candy Lips and Eyeliner techniques

She is also trained in the High Brow signature style. Attention to detail is crucial to Erica, so with a keen eye and an artistic flair, she can create your dream look. Erica also assists with training at our Academy.

Esthetician & Beauty Therapist


Lauren is our Esthetician and Beauty Therapist. She has been a Diploma qualified Beauty Therapist for over 10 years, and prior to that she worked as an aged care nurse. Lauren also holds a degree in Biology, Chemistry and Human Bioscience so you can be assured you are in knowledgeable and excellent hands!

Lauren specialises in eyebrow design as well as having the knowledge and experience to assist with a vast array of skincare concerns. Skincare is a huge passion of hers and through personal experience, she knows how important it is to have healthy, balanced skin and what this can mean for a persons’ self-esteem and general well-being.
Lauren works with clients of all ages to customise a skin care regimen that suits their needs, budget and schedules.
Beauty Therapist & Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Artist


Tia-Nikita is one of our beauty therapists. Tia has extensive experience with all your favourite beauty services including, brow sculpting, brow lamination, lash lifts and tints as well as lash extensions. As you would expect from our High Brow staff, Tia is a perfectionist and strives to produce exceptional results every time for our clients. 

Tia is also trained in the High Brow signature cosmetic tattoo style, and we look forward to offering you Tia’s services in this area soon!

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