Booking & Deposit Policy

Terms and Conditions

The client is responsible for understanding these Terms & Conditions upon purchasing or making deposits for any bookings and services with High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio. Upon booking any services with High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions. 

Booking Deposits

Deposits are required to secure your booking within 48 hrs of High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio’s request for payment.  Deposits can be made via Cash or Bank transfer. Deposits are required immediately for online bookings.

Bookings are not confirmed until deposits are received. Deposits not received within 48 hours of request will result in availability to other potential bookings, without further notice.

A deposit is required for session 1 (first treatment/s) as per the online booking information (deposit prices vary per treatment), as well as for the Touch-up session/s when it comes time to booking that in.

Service Invoice

Once your service and price is confirmed with High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio, you will receive an invoice for the first session (Touch-up invoice will be sent at a later date). The deposit is to be paid within 48 hours of the invoice being received, in order to secure the appointment time. Deposit is paid immediately upon online booking.

The balance owing is due on the day of the appointment, upon completion of the procedure.

Booking Cancellations

A cancellation can be made at any time, however, the deposit paid is non-refundable.

We understand that clients may experience exceptional circumstances that can impact reasonable notice given for cancellations, therefore we offer credit notes/appointment rescheduling upon a minimum of 7 days’ notice of cancellation prior to your booking date.

Credit notes/appointment rescheduling is only valid on one occasion per client, or on a case by case basis with High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio’s full discretion to make the determination whether a second redemption is appropriate.

​We do not honour requests for refunds, credit notes or appointment rescheduling where the following apply:

 1.   no shows;

 2.  cancellations that occur within the 7 days prior to the service/booking date/time;

 3.  if the number of services reduce from the agreed booking after the deposit is made.

Services Not as Described

​If a client is unhappy with their service/treatment, a request for a refund, based on this reason, is satisfied on a case by case basis with High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio’s full discretion to make the determination whether a refund is appropriate.

Appointment Refund Policy

There will be no refunds for cancellations made less than 7 days from the booking date.  Substitutions, appointment rescheduling or credit notes may be permitted for exceptional circumstances, at High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio’s discretion only.

A full refund of the client deposit will be honoured if High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio is given a minimum of 7 days’ notice.  We may have turned away booking(s) of equal or greater value during the period we reserved the booking.  Please note, refunds may take up to 10 business days to be received.

Product Reaction

​In the unlikely event that you experience a reaction to a product, you have the option of an exchange or refund addition to your statutory rights, we will happily provide a service refund given the following conditions have been met:

  • you contact High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio (written) as soon as reasonably practical in light of the given circumstance. It is High Brow Beauty and Brow’s Studio’s discretion as to what time frame is ‘reasonable’;

  • supporting documentation may be required. Supporting documentation include (i.e. doctor’s certificate, photographic evidence of your reaction, letter from pharmacist). 


Procedural and skin types vary, as does the level of pre-care and after-care taken by clients. The outcome of the procedure can be affected by this as well as by the symmetry of the facial features, the skin type and tone, underlying blood vessels etc. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the best possible result, High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio, unfortunately, cannot guarantee results. We will always do our best to rectify or adjust where deemed necessary to get the outcome that you desire.

Pre-Appointment Restrictions, Pre-care and After-care Procedures

Ensure you have read ALL information outlined in the FAQ’s tab, especially the question titled ‘Can anyone have a micropigmentation treatment?’ Also read all information outlined for your treatment process and care, via the tab/relevant to your procedure:

✔ The Brow Process & Care

✔ The Lip Process & Care

✔ The Eyeliner Process & Care

Please immediately direct any questions or concerns to your High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio technician. 

Minors, Companions and Other Considerations

Intradermal procedures require the full concentration of your technician. In the interest of the client receiving undivided attention, as well as for hygiene and health and safety reasons, children and minors are not permitted in the studio during a procedure. Children also, unfortunately, cannot be left unattended outside of the studio. We therefore request that clients make suitable arrangements for off site childcare.

Unless by prior arrangement, companions or drivers are also not permitted in the studio during a consultation or procedure as it is distracting for both the client and the technician. They will be asked to wait in the waiting area.

We kindly ask that mobile phones and other portable devices be switched off for the entire duration of the appointment. Treatments can typically last up to 2 1/2 hours and these requests are made so you can fully relax and enjoy your treatment, whilst your technician gives you their best and undivided attention. Client co-operation is greatly appreciated!

Additional Information

Provided the conditions of the Refund Policy have been met, refunds will be processed via bank transfer within 7-10 business days.

Please read the FAQs section on this website for further information.


Notice of cancellations, appointment rescheduling and refunds must be made via email to or via direct message to the High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio phone number or messenger service.  An acknowledgement will be sent within 2-3 working days.

Please note that our Team is ready to provide you with timely and efficient professional assistance. We will attempt to find the best, convenient solution for your query.  Please allow us up to 3 working days for our Team to get back to you on any query or concern.

Upon reading, understanding and agreeing to the above terms and conditions, please follow the link below and email your acknowledgement to High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio. Upon the receipt of this email, High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio confirms your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. There is no need to write anything in your email, however, you may use these words if you wish:

“I, {Name}, have read, understand and agree to the High Brow Beauty and Brow Studio Terms and conditions. This is my acknowledgement.”

Terms and Conditions current as of 8 August 2020; last updated 9 August 2020.